Cognitive Rehabilitation

DANA software can be used during rehabilitation treatments to measure progress or decline after a stroke, concussion, TBI or other neurological incident, as well as to track detailed changes in cognitive performance throughout treatment and recovery. Because of DANA’s portability, the test can be given bedside, in an office, during treatment, or during physical therapy.

The advancement of tele-rehabilitation in many states allows recovery at home. DANA software may be integrated as part of a home telemonitoring solution checking other vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, glucose, or heart rate) or detecting impact and falls, location or activity monitoring. As a standalone solution, caregivers or patients can run cognitive tests in as little as 5 minutes, using a smartphone or tablet. Collected reports can then be securely sent to a medical professional.

Use Of DANA Software

  • 1

    Monitoring changes in cognitive efficiency after stroke, illness, or traumatic incidents (e.g., car accidents)

  • 2

    Enhancing the patient’s ability to remain in the home environment by wirelessly transmitting brain health reports to medical professionals

  • 3

    Offer real-time answers on efficacy of current treatment programs

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