Facts & Questions

Does DANA keep health data secure and private?

Yes. Data are encrypted on the mobile device, in the DANA cloud, and while being transmitted from a mobile device to the DANA cloud. Other than you, only authorized personnel have access to your health data and personal information. DANA is HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and complies with all US laws regarding protected health information (PHI). The DANA privacy policy is available at https://c0k.895.myftpupload.com/privacy-policy/

Can I store data anywhere other than the cloud?

Automated storage:

Data are automatically stored on the mobile device and uploaded to the secure DANA cloud database. Data stored on the mobile device will be removed from the device if DANA is uninstalled, but the data will remain on the DANA web portal.

Other (manual):

If you manually export any data from the mobile app, the raw data (CSV) or summary reports (PDF) may be stored in your mobile device’s unencrypted file system, depending on whether you’re using iOS or Android. Raw data and summary reports may also be downloaded from the DANA web portal (https://portal.danabrainvital.com) by authorized users (those with the correct permissions to view a subject’s data).

Does DANA work without Wi-Fi?

Yes. To use DANA offline (without a cellular or Wi-Fi data connection), you must first log in once (for each user, app, and mobile device) while connected to the internet. You will then be able to log in offline to that DANA app as that specific user with that specific mobile device. During offline mode use, DANA will continue to store data locally (on the mobile device) and upload the data to the cloud once an internet connection is made. However, to receive important app updates and ensure your data securely upload to the cloud, you must connect your mobile device to the internet.

How can I access DANA assessment data?

The DANA web portal (https://portal.danabrainvital.com) allows users to view and download data collected under their account. Results from DANA assessments can also be viewed on or exported / shared from within the DANA app on the mobile device used to administer the assessment.

How should DANA results be interpreted?

DANA results should be interpreted only by qualified professionals. DANA cognitive tests provide clinicians with measures of speed and accuracy – reaction time (speed), percent correct (accuracy), and cognitive efficiency (speed & accuracy). These measures are made available in various forms: graphed over time, in a summary PDF report, list format, and raw data CSV format (trial by trial).

DANA also delivers and scores standardized psychological questionnaires. Scores and descriptions for the psychological surveys are also available in the formats listed above.

I am a qualified professional. What resources can I use to better understand how to use DANA?

Go to the resource page on our website (https://c0k.895.myftpupload.com/research-articles/), which lists a collection of publications on DANA.

Can DANA detect brain injuries such as a concussion?

DANA is one of many tools that help a qualified professional in their assessment of a patient and also functions as a general wellness tool, but it is not a diagnostic tool.

Is DANA effective at tracking cognitive changes in users of all ages?

Generally, yes, but this should be at the discretion of a qualified professional, as each case is different.

If I have trouble with the DANA app or DANA web portal, whom should I contact for technical support?

Please contact your local sales representative. If you still have questions, send our support team an email at support@danabrainvital.com.

Help! I can’t remember my password.

The DANA web portal (https://portal.danabrainvital.com) has a “Having trouble logging in?” link on the login page. Click that link, input your DANA account email, and a password reset link will be emailed to you.

If you do not have access to the DANA web portal or the email address tied to the user account, you can contact your local sales representative or get in touch with us at support@danabrainvital.com to reset your password.

A new DANA account (aka “organization”) was just created for my institution. How do we get started using DANA?

When a new DANA account / organization is created, a password set link is automatically emailed to the specified initial administrator user. That user must follow that link and set their password to be able to log in to the DANA apps or web portal. After that, they can create new users and start using DANA. If a new password reset link needs to be sent, please contact our support team at support@danabrainvital.com.

Can I use DANA in any languages other than English?

Yes! DANA is now available in Spanish. Make sure you are updated to the most recent version of DANA then simply switch your device’s language to Spanish. Please note that the Portal is only available in English; however, results of tests taken in Spanish will still upload and be accessible.